Arsenal 3-1 Liverpool: Collected after the Premier League game, the Gunners slaughtered the Reds, chasing the leader.

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The Gunners edged leader Liverpool down to 2 points after winning 3-1 at home over the Reds in a clear Premier League game last night.

Arsenal 3-1 Liverpool: Collected after the Premier League game, the Gunners slaughtered the Reds, chasing the leader.

Strange camera angles

When this game opened, many people probably wondered if we were playing a football game or what? By changing the camera angle from the original setting of taking photos and panning the camera back and forth following the soccer ball. It is the fact that the camera can move left, right, up and down freely. Which may seem a bit off-putting at first, but I believe that after watching for a while you will eventually get used to it.

Same mistake by both teams.

Even though it was a meeting between two giant teams. This ยูฟ่าเบท game was full of mistakes, especially the defense of both sides who focused on keeping the ball to create the game from their own half. Instead, it creates opportunities for the opposite side. With the moment seeming like there was nothing real. The defenders chose not to play the first moment and tried to cover the ball for the goalkeeper. One side didn’t come out to play and the other side came out and made a mistake. But the result is the same: both goals are lost.

Bradley isn’t here, I’m happy.

Before this game, there was an issue of interest, namely the passing of the father of Connor Bradley, Liverpool’s rising star right-back, who was in extremely aggressive form, making him unable to participate in the game today. That was the origin of Trent Alexander Arnold returning to the field as a true right-back, which as you can see was extremely leaky as usual, until Liverpool fans noted that if you Bradley is still in this game, will they be able to do better?

In the middle, the artillery dominates.

It seems that sending Jorginho onto the field as the starter in this game turned out to be an excellent decision by Mikel Arteta because it was originally Declan Rice’s duty to almost carry the game in midfield. on two shoulders Instead, we got people to help lighten the workload. Moreover, today the Italian midfielder did an impressive job with controlling the ball, cutting the game, passing the ball, controlling the game in midfield together with both Rice and Odegaard, until it was the source of the most important victory tonight.

Winning the championship is more fun.

Arsenal’s victory in this game sent them jumping to 2nd place with 49 points from 23 matches, only 2 points behind leader Liverpool. It must be said that 3 points in this game is like a light that ignites the hopes of Arsenal. artillery partisan Returning to compete for the full championship again after the previous form had dropped to the point that some fans had already given up. But… don’t forget that Liverpool lost not only to Arsenal who benefited but also to those who came quietly like Manchester United. Leinster City are also waiting for this opportunity. Even though they are 5 points behind the leader, the Blues are 2 games less than both of them, viewers.