Bayern Munich 2-2 Real Madrid: Collected after the UEFA Champions League game. Grading players and highlighting matches

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  • Bayern Munich tied Real Madrid 2-2 at home in the UEFA Champions League Round of 4 first leg last night.
  • The White Kings took the lead first, but the home team overtook them by two goals in the second half, before Madrid were able to equalize at the end of the ยูฟ่าเบท game.
  • Second Leg: Real Madrid will return to play at home in the second leg on Wednesday, May 8th.
Bayern Munich 2-2 Real Madrid: Collected after the UEFA Champions League game. Grading players and highlighting matches

Bayern Munich could only draw 2-2 at home with Real Madrid in the first leg of the 2023/24 UEFA Champions League quarterfinals.

The game at the Allianz Arena was the away team that took the lead from a counter attack where Toni Kroos passed through for Vinicius to break free and shoot on target from the 24th minute.

But then in the second half the home team came back and scored two goals in a row from Leroy Sane in the 53rd minute, and 4 minutes later they received a penalty when Jamal Musiala was fouled by Vazquez in the second half. Crispy, it was Harry Kane who killed without missing the 57th minute.

At the end of the game, the visitors received some penalties when Kim Min Jae lost control and fouled Rodrygo, and it was Vinicius Jr. who scored the second goal for himself and the Royal team. White invaded and narrowly held on to a draw in the end.

Southern Tigers unable to finish, Rajan emphasizes sharpness in fighting

This game started out as the home team being clearly better than the one who almost folded the field to invade. In addition, they still managed to finish almost every time, in the first 20 minutes they were able to throw in almost 10 times, but… they were considered to have wasted a lot of opportunities with the opportunity to shoot out, make a save, shoot a quick shot, while Madrid countered. Returned once with the first chance to finish and was able to convert it into an immediate lead.

It’s still good that in the second half, Tuchel fixed the game by sending Guerreiro to take control of the midfield game, making the Southern Tigers look clearly better and getting two goals in 4 minutes from Sane and Kane, which left the White Kings with no choice. The players had to open the game and attack before they received a penalty and were able to equalize.

Madrid just hopes not to lose.

Looking at Real Madrid’s way of playing in this game, it is quite clear that Carlo Ancelotti is just hoping for a clear draw. Because in addition to focusing on defending firmly and waiting to counter according to the style that is good After they took the lead, they retreated to receive low, not expecting to score any more goals. If they were to attack and fight, they would be able to do so because when they were at a disadvantage they could still put pressure on the home defense line well. However, after equalizing, they chose to adjust to playing tightly instead, not trading, not risking, and not being at a disadvantage in visiting the Allianz Arena.