Leverkusen pursued Tuchel in charge of the army, but have not received an answer

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I’m in no hurry! Thomas Tuchel, former Chelsea manager. Still not accepting a new job Despite receiving an offer from Bayer Leverkusen. The best German team since being sacked from Stamford Bridge.

Sport 1 sports media also reported that Thomas Tuchel, the German coach. After parting ways with the team Sing the Bulls Chelsea the famous English Premier League club for almost a month. For the reason that the results are not impressive. Including the vision and approach of the team that does not match the new owner of the UFABET team. At present, there is no sign that any team will be in charge.

Leverkusen pursued Tuchel in charge of the army, but have not received an answer

The report states that A reliable source has revealed that. Thomas Tuchel almost got a new job as soon as he was laid off. Chelsea manager By which he received an offer from the “pharmacy department” Bayer Leverkusen team. The top team from the Bundesliga, Germany contacted him to express his desire to have him take over the army.

For the reason that the team “drug dealers” want Thomas Tuchel to control the army because Leverkusen. In the 2022/23 season with Gerardo Seone as the team’s manager, the team’s performance has not been good. Which since the start of the football season, kicked 8 matches, collecting only 5 points, and the results in the UEFA Champions League It’s not always consistent.

The source claimed that Thomas Tuchel, who had been stalked for months. Has not responded or expressed interest in wanting to take over the Bayer Leverkusen army, claiming that he needs a break from managing the team for a while. In addition, the current situation of “pharmacy department” is not good. Instead of creating a name but will be dragged into the abyss both again, thus making The German coach remained silent.