Potter No comments Sing Siw Nkunku tap Do again

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Chelsea boss Graham Potter has declined to comment on the signing of Christopher Nkunku and is set to hold talks with Cristiano Ronaldo again. Refusing to mention the player. Another team And let’s focus on the development of the players in the team

Chelsea manager Graham Potter has declined to comment on reports that the Blues have signed Christopher Nkunku in the summer. Meanwhile Cristiano Ronaldo is set to return in January. Insisting he will not talk about players who are not at Chelsea.

Potter No comments Sing Siw Nkunku tap Do again

It was previously reported that navy blue lion Signing a pre-contract. Grabbing the attacking line of RB Leipzig to join the army in the summer of 2023 has been completed. And the players have passed the physical examination and the Portuguese star. Received the green light from Manchester United to move the team. But must receive a suitable offer during the second round of the market

The club’s owner Todd Boleigh had previously held talks with the Portuguese forward’s agent , George Mendes , but the transfer ultimately did not happen because former boss Thomas Tuchel did not want it. get But this time the head coach has changed. causing journalists to ask Former Brighton trainer to two issues that arise

“I’m not going to talk about any players other than Chelsea players, ” Potter said at a press conference ahead of AC Milan ‘s UEFA Champions League match on Wednesday. Tons, there was a lot of talk about the players. But I will only talk about Chelsea and not the players of other UFABET teams. We don’t have any comments. about this We could spend all day asking these questions. But I won’t talk about anyone else.” 

The 47-year-old head coach also said that He knows the owners are ambitious and ambitious, but he will focus on improving the players he has today. Before focusing on buying players. which as the head coach is to develop players here. Then work with the club to make further decisions about transferring players.