‘Red Devils’ firmly separated from ‘Greenwood’, let go to start over with another team

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Manchester United have concluded an internal investigation into the case of young striker Mason Greenwood. involved in a scandalous case of sexual harassment of young women By reaching an agreement released from the football team to other clubs.

English Premier League club Manchester United have terminated the contract of striker Mason Greenwood. With the mutual consent of both parties already After taking the time to investigate internally for 6 months in the ยูฟ่าเบท case of the scandalous striker facing allegations of attempted rape Physical abuse and imprisonment of young women 

'Red Devils' firmly separated from 'Greenwood', let go to start over with another team

The 21-year-old star was cleared of the case in early February due to the Attorney General’s office. Decided not to prosecute such lawsuits. After the main witness withdrew And there is new evidence that refutes the allegations. While the agency Not allowed to return to join the first team since being suspended from work since last year. Which must wait for the investigation to be completed in order not to cause a wave of resistance from society

Recently, this epic story has come to a conclusion. As part of the statement, United said: “Based on the evidence available to us, We concluded that Content posted online does not provide a complete picture, and Mason did not commit the crime for which he was initially charged, but Mason committed the crime for which he was held accountable. Everyone involved, including Mason, was aware of the difficulty of starting a career at Manchester United , so it was agreed that It is perfect for him to leave Old Trafford and we will now work with Mason to achieve that.”

Greenwood , whose contract runs until June 2025, said he had not done what was alleged and in February was acquitted of all accusations. However, he fully admitted that made a mistake in the relationship that happened. And it was responsible for the situation that led to the clip being posted on social media.

“Best decision for all of us. Is that I will be able to live my career outside of Old Trafford where I will not be distracted by the club. I’ve thanked the club for their support since I was seven years old, United will always be a part of me.” The player, who progressed through the academy, scored 35 goals in 129 first-team appearances for the Red Devils.