Roulette formula, bet without loss

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2 way trap

Trapping through 2 channels, bettors can observe historical statistics, black and red bet. If any of them come out in a row up to 3 rounds or more, let the bettor think beforehand that the next turn must be stabbed in the opposite channel. For example, if the black box is issued 3 rounds in the next round, the bettor chooses to bet on red. Because from statistics, calculations and experience will Roulette will not have the same design more than 4 times in a row.

Roulette formula, bet without loss

Which will have very few original designs. and there will be no exit number as well which if you choose to stab Can choose to trap the way in 2 channels, which is a color bet and a number bet If the numbers are not issued, they still have the right to issue colors. can’t make it not waste If both of them are issued, you will receive a huge profit.

favorite in the row

Using the favorite betting formula here, we ask you to look at the historical statistics along with viewing the live results of the 3rd eye to the 7th eye, observing which row is the most frequent. for example Statistical results back in the top row Take into account that the trap of the top row and the bottom row in the same line by placing equal bets If the result is in the top row and bottom row numbers You will be able to make more profits.

alternate stab

alternating stab Will refer to the alternating out of the colors such as black, red, black, red, most. Often out in succession by approximately 4 to 6 rounds. With the next round having the opportunity to switch out again. Very hard to go If the bettor can’t figure out what the next round will bet on. You have to look at the past statistics. This will give you 100% confidence that it will definitely be like this. Which in the end is something to stab at the end as usual. There will be more possibilities to actually make you money.


Repetition of a color or number indicates that a color repetition is more likely than a number. Most of the colors will be repeated no more than 4 rounds if the bet loses the bettor. Put the same color down, but will increase the money. By dividing the money in moderation. For example, stabbing 50 baht per round, if the bet is lost, increase 50 baht per round. But if the stabbing is correct, return to stab the UFABET cost at the same 50 baht By this nature must be prudent and with a little capital. May not be suitable for newbies much. But I can assure you that the result is evil.