Ten Hag is not pleased with the form of the Ghost informs the board to renew the contract

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Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag still has to wait to see the form of the players for a while. Even though the green light for the board of directors to negotiate a new contract The players showed a poor performance in the defeat to Manchester City.

The Telegraph reports that Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag has told the club’s board not to extend contracts with the players. until he was sure That player is in the team plan. After the team just got out of Manchester City, the city’s rivals. Managed to collapse without a page 6-3 on Sunday, October 2nd.

Ten Hag is not pleased with the form of the Ghost informs the board to renew the contract

In the past, the Red Devils often used automatic contract extensions or offered long-term contracts to players. Without considering the value in the future, while some players get very expensive wages. But lack of motivation due to being with the UFABET club for a long time. Resulting in the Dutch boss I don’t want this kind of thing to happen again.

One senior source said he ( Ten Hag ) was still considering how the players would adapt and cope with the pressure. What are some ways to cope when not being picked. And in the next month or so He’s starting to become clear which players will be in his plans next. therefore do not wish to have a contract renewal soon

Currently, there are eight Red Devils players who are out of contract with the club at the end of this season. But all have the option to extend their contracts for another year. Including Cristiano Ronaldo, David de Gea, Marcus Rashford, Luke Shaw, Fae. Rod, Phil Jones, Tom Heaton and Diogo Dalot  

However, it was analyzed that The club’s board may ignore or interfere with Ten Hag’s demands , as they may feel that some players have more market value than others, especially Ronaldo, whose jersey and other merchandise sales are dominant. The needs of United fans around the world, even if it becomes a backup.