Torres to clash with Arbeloa on Madrid side Derby

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This is a baby ball! Fernando Torres vs former Spain team-mate Alvaro Arbeloa. On the sidelines in the U19 Champions Cup between Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid. They pushed each other’s chests and challenged each other hard.

Relevo is a popular social media platform in Spain. News coverage of events that occurred in the game “Madrid Derby Match” of the Champions Cup under 19 years old. Round 8, the final 2nd match between Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid. Which the famous UFABET game Said there was a chaotic event. Clashes of the coaches of both teams on the sidelines

Torres to clash with Arbeloa on Madrid side Derby

The incident occurred during the game. This is the moment that Real Madrid striker Yere Lacha is injured until he lies on the field. But the players of Atletico Madrid do not continue to play, causing Alvaro Arbeloa, a former Spanish national team player. Who is Real Madrid’s coach, along with the coaching staff, to the point where the opponent has no sportsmanship. At that moment, Alvaro Arbeloa approached Fernando Torres, a former teammate of the Spanish national team. rival coach immediately

The report states that the second stroke, the former Spanish national team player. In exchange, Torres yelled at Arbeloa, “I’m going to blow your head,” to which Arbeloa was not afraid and yelled back, “Come on, it’s time.” Plus there’s a moment to push each other’s chests. ntil the referee had to come in and forbid the fight Then handed out a yellow card to Arbeloa, and Torres received a red card to leave the reserve seat on the sidelines to calm down elsewhere.

for this game It ended in a 2-2 draw, with Real Madrid winning 4-2 on aggregate, advancing to the semi-finals. which such game Up to 9 yellow cards were issued, 6 of which belonged to Atletico Madrid.

Fernando Torres and Alvaro Arbeloa were capped by the Spanish national team. And playing football together in serving the country and the club for a total of 94 matches, currently turning into a coach for the former agency at the youth level