Wrong “bathing” behavior that you may not have known about

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Normally, Thai people tend to bathe frequently. Because of the hot weather, many people sweat easily. I feel uncomfortable on my skin. My hair is sensitive. But did you know that? Behavior during bathing Something that you are doing regularly It might be wrong. And it can cause negative consequences. Therefore, Hello Doctor has stories about these behaviors to share with you.

Wrong "bathing" behavior that you may not have known about

Behavior during bathing What negative effects does it have on you?

A dermatologist has revealed information about bathing mistakes. Which you yourself may not even know you are doing. Behavior during bathing that you already know you should avoid are as follows

  • Bathe too often

Even bathing every day may be a habit. But showering also washes away oil and healthy bacteria from the skin. Therefore, showering too frequently Therefore, it can make your skin dry and itchy as well. In fact, normal bacteria can help strengthen your immune system.

  • Scratch your scalp with your fingernails.

A good scalp scratch can be refreshing. But in reality, it can be more dangerous. This is because scratching the scalp with your nails can cause marks on the scalp. Also vigorously rubbing the hair with your hands. may cause damage And it can cause split ends as well.

  • Choose the wrong soap

Antibacterial soap Can also kill good bacteria. This is because it can eliminate too much bacteria. In addition, this type of soap also kills bad bacteria. Can be resistant to antibiotics Until it makes the skin dry as well, so use a shower gel that has moisturizer as an ingredient. Therefore it is a better option. Additionally, if you suffer from eczema or sensitive skin. Scented soaps can irritate the ยูฟ่าเบท skin. You should choose soap without perfume as an ingredient instead.

  • Adjust the temperature of the water is too hot.

Of course, no one likes taking a cold shower during the winter. But taking a shower with a temperature that is too hot It can make your skin dry and damaged as well. This is because hot water destroys natural fats and oils that are stored on the skin. To provide moisture to the skin.

Take a shower regularly but don’t wash your towels.

Towels are a breeding ground for bacteria, yeast, mold, and viruses. Dirty towels can cause toenail fungus. Including warts, so change or wash towels at least once a week. and dry between uses Therefore, it is something that should be done very much. Try to wash your towels more often when you are sick. Or if your house is humid, such as during the summer.

Not cleaning the body scrub well

Body scrubs are a popular item in the shower. because it is used for scrubbing the body But did you know that various niches Body scrubs are a good source of germs, so clean the scrub every week. Soak in diluted bleach for 5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Therefore it is something that should be done. Hang your body scrub in a cool place. To dry quickly is a good thing to do. Although hanging in the bathroom is more convenient. And you should change your body scrubber at least every 3-4 weeks for natural body scrubbers and every 2 months for plastic body scrubbers.

Not really cleaning every part of the body

Sometimes when you’re showering, it may be uncomfortable to reach out and scrub your back. As a result, you cannot clean your back thoroughly. Using a long-handled bath brush will be a good help. It also allows you to wash in the hardest-to-reach places. But choosing a brush is another matter that should be taken into account. You should choose a soft brush. and is designed to be used as a gentle exfoliator is best.

Exfoliate your skin during bathing.

Using a body scrubber to exfoliate the skin a lot. Sometimes that’s not a good thing. Because the scrubbing fiber is rough. It can also remove the skin’s naturally occurring protective barrier. It is better to use a baby towel to gently spread it over the skin without rubbing. But in fact, using only your hands to exfoliate the skin is considered sufficient. And don’t forget to change your scrubs or towels regularly. To avoid the accumulation of bacteria

Using a razor with too many blades

Even razors with many blades It will make shaving cleaner. But it can also damage your skin. In fact, the more hair you shave off with a razor, the more hair you shave off. The more it makes your skin worse. They also want to cause you injury. Shaving with a razor can also inflame the hair follicles, so be sure when shaving. The area to be shaved is smooth enough. By using soap or cream for shaving For the smoothest and safest shave

Wash your hair too often

If you are someone whose scalp is not oily You may not need to wash your hair every day. But if you have curly, coarse, or chemically treated hair, shampooing less often will prevent your hair from drying out too much. Setting up a regular hair washing schedule is a must. And as you get older There is no need to wash your hair often. Because the scalp will produce less oil.

Let the water pipes become clogged. 

Cleaning a clogged drain is no fun. But no one wants to stand in a shower full of dirty water. Cleaning by removing hair every time after showering. Therefore, it is considered to make your drain pipe not clogged. It also helps keep your shower clean. And you also won’t have to stand in a dirty place.

Not installing steel railings

Tens of thousands of people in the United States have been injured while showering, entering the bathroom, or exiting the bathtub or shower, often because bars were not installed. Installing steel railings can help prevent falls. But it is best that in addition to having steel railings, it is best to install anti-slip guards in the bathtub and shower.